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Drum Set Development


If you have never played drums before, navigate this track.  I have book into order everything I think you need to know to go from ZERO to 100 MPH in terms of getting started off on the right track address all your questions and needs along the way... IN ORDER.  Very few drum and percussion education sites bother to do this.  You're welcome.

Study Tobin Wagstaff's essential first drum method book "Drum Set Grids for Beginners."  This is a great book for developing initial coordination and read skills to excell development into any other beginner or intermediate drum set method.

Etudes for Double Bass Drumming

Study Tobin Wagstaff's beginner approach to double bass drumming.  Most books have arbitary beats and grooves.  This book takes you on a coordination and skill development journey to get you from playing with a single bass drum to two bass drums in an efficient method so you can begin to approach two bass drums (or a double bass drum pedal) with as little frustration as possible.

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