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"Cheaper Than Therapy"


Thanks for living and supporting the DRUM LIFE.  Please share with all your friends and show your support!  If you send us a picture of you wearing your shirt we'll post it on our FaceBook Fan Page!


Pick your size below. :o)

Get the shirt!

50% Cotton.  This is the ORIGINAL DRUM LIFE SHIRT!

Get the hat!

Velcro Backing.  Sits low on your head.  Super comfy!  This is the ORIGINAL DRUM LIFE HAT!

Drum Life Lifestyle Brand for Drummers

Tobin founded Drum Life in 2011 when he discovered that no one else was doing this.  He has always had a desire to help expand the drumming industry in any way he could because drums are just way cool!  So instead of having to buy a brand specific apparel item such as a Zildjian hat or Pearl shirt, we offer apparel to help the drummer (percussionist) express themselves in their clothing.  We are working on getting into brick and mortar stores but in the meantime please visit our Cafepress site and order whatever you would like!  Also, become a fan of our Facebook fan page by hitting that LIKE button and join in our community of 5K plus members and growing!

At this time you may order from shirts, hats, coffee cups, bags, buttons, stickers, and your mom's undies...  as we develop this part of the site we'll include more information for you.

If you would like to join the growing number of stores to carry Drum Life in your business please contact Tobin for details.  All merchants receive regular advertising plugs on our Facebook fan page to help you advertise your store and our brand.  Thank you for your support!


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