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Audix Microphones has made it possible for me to drastically improve the sound quality of my videos and recordings.  Their microphones sound amazing and I'm just beginning to really explore their great products! Visit them at

I now endorse Crush Drums and Percussion. They have supported my education as well as performance endeavors and make great quality and unique products. Give them a look at

Drum Life helps me to facilitate my ability to connect with other drummers in our industry.  Professionals, enthusiasts, and students alike connect there. Become a part of Drum Life at!druml-life/c66t.

My family was selected for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in 2010.  Learn more here.

I linked up with Rich Sticks  in 2013.  They are making my own custom design model sticks for me to use and are available to the public only through me or SP Music and Dance Center.  They will make-to-order any stick you like including copies of other models from major brands. Check them out here

I founded Studio Percussion Music and Dance Center in 2002.  Visit

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