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New Beginnings

So today it begins. I've been working for 2 years on a vision I have to make my drum and percussion education resources available in an organized fashion on the internet. There are plenty of people doing this so. So what sets mine apart? Well, I have a proven system that streamlines the approach to all my lessons that I have developed over a couple decades of playing and teaching. I am not going to make it available on the internet for everyone to enjoy. Some of it will be free to everyone but I do have to live and pay my expenses for providing this so other parts will be made available with a fee. Once I get it going I will then market it to segments that I feel would be a niche for me and I'll update this blog as it goes along.

Additionally, I've never blogged before. So bear with me as I figure out how to do this!

As this moves forward, so does life. I will be sharing some personal matters here as well and see how it goes. Consider this an open journal. Thanks for being a reader. :)

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